Education is the foundation and catalyst for changing the state of human rights in the world, but educators need effective materials and tools they can use to easily incorporate human rights in their curriculum. Recognizing this, United for Human Rights has the answer: the Bringing Human Rights to Life Education Package. Free to educators, it gives teachers and educators everywhere a resource to help bring the concepts of human rights to life and make them a reality in the hearts, minds and actions of those who study the subject.

Knowledge of the problem is the first step in moving people into action to remedy it and this package has been designed to provide that knowledge.

Included therein:

  • An Educator's Guide
  • The Story of Human Rights, a powerful film which defines human rights for anyone
  • 24 copies of The Story of Human Rights booklet
  • Discussion questions
  • Assignments that require application of theory
  • Glossary of terms, references to print and online resources

The Bringing Human Rights to Life Education Package is designed for high school senior and college-level classes and adult community instruction.  It may be used as a full course or as a supplemental resource in another curriculum.

The package’s components are produced to the highest quality and durability. It is through donations from those who support our program that enables United for Human Rights to provide these valuable teaching tools free of charge to teachers, professors and qualified community educators.  It is thus expected that participating educators agree to provide results of their use of this program and its materials.  Documentation would include photographs and video footage of program application and outcomes, and educator testimonials that promote best practices and results to others. In this way, each educator’s successes can be shared and expanded upon.

Success from the implementation of United for Human Rights educational materials:

“Thank you for your good heart. As an educator, I'm planning to insert human rights principles as part of my discussion with my classroom so that my student will be inculcated with the value of human rights in their everyday lives. Again, I'm very happy to be part in your advocacy. Thank you and more power!” —M.M., Educator, Philippines

“I did implement part of the curriculum in my class on Global Social Problems. I will be giving the class again and plan to incorporate the curriculum into the lesson plans. The program is very effective because it is a grass-roots movement and contains video clips and other visual aids that bring the message across easily. Thanks again for working so hard on raising awareness about human rights.” —L.B., Assistant Professor, Long Island, New York, USA

“The program is very effective, especially with the DVD and the Brochure, it makes the difference in class, and students feel concerned with the whole world.” —K. M., English Teacher, Algeria

“The content fits perfectly with liberty and rights curriculum pieces.” —D.C., Sociology Department, Missouri Western State University, USA

“I found that the program did in fact cater to students. What I thought was extremely useful was the footage or examples given in the DVD. It not only provided students with information about human rights but it demonstrated how it impacted in their everyday life. From the class that viewed it so far, they were quite responsive and indicated that they understood the core concepts. I plan on implementing an ongoing program in this field as well.” —C.H., Teacher, Canada

“We are implementing the curriculum in the classroom situation as it is included in the curriculum of one of the subjects called Bhutan Civics for Class IX and X. The package that I received from you was really useful. It was a very good teaching aid. Using the package I was able to share more information about human rights and also about our constitution.” —N.G., Teacher, Bhutan

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